I am ME

Each and every person has qualities that make them well… them. Here’s a short (well short for me) list what makes up the person called “me”:

  1. I am a person who loves a challenge. There are tons of reasons behind this but basically, a challenge is way for me to test my own limits, to know how far I can go and to learn from it. A challenge is where I can spread my wings and know how far enlarge my own horizons.
  2. I am short-tempered. One of those many qualities I try and somehow manage to keep at bay. I hate unnecessary work and mischief around me, but hey, I’m working on it.
  3. I am a bookworm. I can spend the whole day reading a 1000 page book, so long as the book itself is interesting.
  4. I am, at times, egoistic. There are times when I would blatantly push my own opinions on people and say that I am right. Hey, I’m not the only person like that.
  5. I am an otaku. That’s right, I love anime. I love it to the point that I’d miss sleep just to finish one whole season of it and I don’t think I should be ashamed of it.
  6. I am a feminist. I always believed that women can walk along at the same pace with men.
  7. I am childish. I’d cling to my teddy bear before I fall asleep. I’d fight over anything sweet with anyone, literally. I’d throw a fit for not getting what I want (well, sometimes). Everyone has it.
  8. I am simple. I never really liked flamboyant things, it’d always make my head hurt.
  9. I am spontaneous. You basically wouldn’t know what I might do next.
  10. I am me. I have my own qualities that make me the person I am now. I’m proud to have each and every quality. All I need to do is refine myself into a better person.

That’s that, I am myself and you are you. Never be embarrassed of what you love or do. Don’t let what people think hinder you from doing what you love. Live on and just be yourself and smile. 

I am who I am and I say what I think. I’m not putting a face on for the record.

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