A sense of longing

I remember once writing about how alone I felt despite being around the people I care about the most. Honestly, I can feel it all over again- but for a much different reason.

In my school, whenever you get out of the gates, there’s this area where you can just stay and wait for whoever you want to wait for (basically we call it the waiting area). There were only a few people when I got there and since there was nothing to do, I took out a book and started to read. A couple minutes later, someone arrived but then they were a couple. After them, another pair of couples arrived. Taking to account about who was in the waiting area, there were about 3 couples and me. Fun, isn’t it?

That little experience just felt like a good slap in the face. I was longing for him. Not because I wanted a lover beside me or whatever reason there is, I just wanted his presence. Whether as a lover, a friend, a classmate or even as a mere stranger- I just want him beside me. But that could never be. Things change, and I was the cause. I can’t just step up to him and act like nothing’s happened. I’ve hurt him and I deserve all this suffering. No matter how many times I try and think of something else, at some point, I’d be back to square one.

I miss all the laughing, the teasing and even all our little arguments. I miss all those times I could spend with him. I miss all those times when I could just tell him everything on my mind. Once again, it can not be. Even if I cry, or brush it off, drown myself with books or whatever possible thing I do, it could not be.


Yet Again.

When one makes a promise, you sure as hell have to keep it.

In all these months I’ve been ranting or writing about random stuff, I honestly forgot one point to mention and it pretty much concerns the guys. Believe me, I’m no sexist. It’s just that us girls deserve way more than what guys take us for, so heads up on what I say and please don’t judge.

A few months back, I got in contact with a friend (let’s call him Kyouya) whom I haven’t talk to in years. He was someone I was quite fond of but getting in contact with him was a bit of a pain. I mean sure there are cellphones and emails and facebook or whatever form of social media that could keep us in contact but I was never one for those things in the past. I mean, we were in the same school and all, just in different grades (although we were the same age). Why bother using technology to talk to the person if he’s just right there? My phone was there for easy contact with my parents, social media just for the sake of easier contact with people I didn’t have numbers to. Call it a minor necessity if you have to.

Well that was all in the past though. I was kid, I’d prioritize going out and have fun with the kids in the neighborhood. Well enough about me. Anyways, Kyouya was the same as me- probably worse. He’d barely check or even touch his Facebook, didn’t actually think a phone would be necessary. He was someone who was hard to get in contact with. You could say that was one of the main reasons we never stayed in contact after he transferred schools in the middle of my first year in high school. I was honestly surprised when he just randomly sent me a message on Facebook just to say hi.

Sure I was happy, I mean, who wouldn’t? Kyouya was pretty much like a brother to me all those years ago and after who-knows-how-long of not staying in contact, he remembered me and sent me a message. So after catching up and exchanging cellphone numbers and all, he invited me to meet up at a nearby mall. So we planned everything out. Making sure we both had that day free and that we didn’t have any major exams and whatnot. We were constantly talking. After school, during breaks, on weekends.  He’d call every so often and we’d send each other a text if we were busy at the moment. There were barely any days we didn’t actually talk to each other. Honestly, we’d talk about everything, even the clothes we’d wear on the day we’d meet.

And thus the much awaited day came. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a date but a friendly outing. I’m not in denial either. I liked Swiss, remember? Kyouya also had someone he likes and might I add he talks about her a lot. And if you think I’m lying, he actually has a photo of her in his wallet and we’d accidentally met her on our little trip to the mall so pretty much I was acquainted with her. Anyways, when I met up with Kyouya, he seemed like a whole different person. He was taller and called me tiny (I’m not tiny! It’s not my fault he suddenly grew, stupid hormones). His voice was deeper and he seemed much more mature than the last time I saw him. Believe me when I say mature, he was this hyperactive brat in the past, it seemed impossible that the same boy was standing right in front me at that moment  being all nice and mature and whatnot.

Okay so we didn’t know what we actually wanted to do so we ended up walking around the mall, telling each other random stories about what we missed (like we don’t do that all the time) until we settled down at a cafe. So after going through hard decisions of which cake was better, it was finally time to order.  I raised my hand to get the waiter’s attention but unfortunately nobody was noticing me, so then Kyouya being him and all did that for me and placed my order (he didn’t actually order anything since we passed by a fast food chain since he was in the mood for burgers, well that was him though). So yeah, I have to confess I was a wee bit late before we met so I let him do the one thing I didn’t want him to do near me as payment. Smoke. Yes, he smokes, unfortunately. I flipped out on him when he confessed that. I mean sure it was pretty normal for some teenagers to learn how to drink but he drinks and smokes and he does it on a regular basis, although he did defended himself and claimed it was just one stick a day or something like that. So when I got my order and started eating, he excused himself to go and talk to a friend outside the cafe while he smoked- well not before stealing some of my drink and cake.

So I guess you guys are think something along the lines of why would you claim me to be a sexist when the guy himself was quite, if not perfect, gentleman? Here’s when things got on my bad side, so after he finished doing his business he returned inside the cafe and suddenly told me he’s gonna meet up with his friends after I finish eating. Okay, wrong move bro but it’s been awhile since the last time we met so didn’t want to act all bitchy about it and said okay, besides, I was going to stay in the mall for quite some time since my dad said he’ll be picking me up. After finishing my little meal, we said our goodbyes and then he said he’ll meet up with me after a few hours (and yes, he knew that I’d be going home late). Naturally, I was alone so I had no choice but to find a way to amuse myself while I wait. Thus I went straight to the bookstore, bought a book (House of Hades by Rick Riordan) I’ve been dying to read for a while now, a mechanical pencil and a bookmark. After my purchase, I went to the most quiet part of the mall to enjoy reading the book and to past time. Several hours passed and I checked my phone once in a while but I never got a call, not even a text, from him. And it was passed the time he promise to get in contact with me too, heck it was almost time my dad said he would arrive. I went to places he would most probably be found, but then I got tired and ended up calling him. Oh guess what? He left. He left with his friends to go out and party and he never even thought of getting in contact with me. Great isn’t it? I was pissed, so incredibly pissed. It’s common etiquette to get in contact with the person you made plans with if couldn’t make it. We planned the meet up for weeks then suddenly leaves me hanging, making a fool out of myself, just because he was suddenly invited to a party. He didn’t even contact me at all the day after. Seriously?

So yeah that happened, but that’s not all. Last month I just really wanted to get out of the house so I ended up getting in contact with Kyouya and another friend (remember Annabeth? If not click here) we both knew, made plans to meet up and BAM! Here comes the day. I met up with Annabeth in the morning, went to fast food chain for lunch but then we a few more hours to kill before meeting up with Kyouya so we ended up going to Cereal’s house (don’t remember him? Click here). Then after that Kyouya called and said he’s on his way to our meet up place and so me and Annabeth said our goodbyes and went to the said place. So since Annabeth hasn’t actually seen Kyouya since he transferred schools, I let them catch up a bit while I go order some milktea. I actually had my own little revenge as well. Since I still had the grudge of being ditched the first time around, I went ahead and rubbed that in his face while he apologizes and promises he’ll spend the day with us. And thus we ended up having random conversations and so on and so forth, well set aside the fact Kyouya won’t stop talking to someone on the phone or text someone. Typical meet ups if I might say so my self. After the cafe, we went to me and Annabeth’s school since we needed something and Kyouya hasn’t seen it for years now. A peculiar call caught my attention. Kyouya was on his phone, again. Trust me, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but the conversation sounded like he was making plans, so yeah. After his call and seeing the school, he told me and Annabeth that he had to go. Thus I was ditched. Yet again. Fun isn’t it?

So ladies, don’t make the same mistake I did. If the guy ditches you, don’t give him a second chance to do it again. If he really, really wants to go out with you, as a friend or lover or whatever, make sure he wouldn’t be idiotic enough to ditch you for his other friends. Or better yet, make him beg. Well if such situation was the same for the guys, I guess you could do the same thing. Anyways I swear if another guy does this to me, that unfortunate soul is gonna get it.

One day I wanna play a guy heart …I want them to Feel how does it feel. Being ditched and taken for granted.




A waste of my time

There are times when one has to make the first move to know if the other truly cares for her as much as she does.

The first time we I left, you told me you’ll get everything fixed. When we I couldn’t take it anymore, the last words I heard you say was “I swear I’ll earn you guys back”. But nothing happened.

I always thought that I did the right thing- leave before I get left behind again. You left me not once, not twice, but thriceDid you really think I’ll give you another damn chance after you left me behind so many times? Call me bitter or whatever but it always seemed like you’d never give a damn about our friendship- much less leave me behind without a second thought.

cared about you. I loved you like you were my own sister. Did you even care about me? Well considering you left me, your best friend for who knows how long, for some guy who you barely talked to or practically ignored all those years ago- I guess you didn’t. I guess this is where you can say “love is blind” huh?

Honestly, I did leave but even if I did- I still waited for you. I left thinking that you’ll figure out that I meant the opposite of every single damn thing I said. That you’ll know that I did all this for a reason. I held on that tiny piece of hope that maybe, just maybe, there’s still this part of you that screams “chase after her!”. But I was wrong. You didn’t do anything at all. It went on for months and that last piece of hope I had in me- was sure as hell mortifying.

I waited and waited and waited to the point that I look like some idiot telling everyone that I didn’t give a damn but deep inside it felt like I created my own personal hell to haunt me. I waited for so long, but I guess it was time to give up. It was time to completely let go. It was time to move on. You love him more than me, I get it. I walked away from all this pain- from you. I simply didn’t care anymore.

I remember the time you left me for some girl who happened to share the same fandom as you. You left me unknowingly and as much as it was also partly my fault for ignoring you after being unintentionally ignored, thinking back you never tried again. I remember my big sister telling me you weren’t worth it and that I should never remember your existence in my life. And so I did. I spent one whole damn year acting as if you didn’t exist- so did you. But on the bright side I found new friends. Friends to make new memories with. Friends to be happy with.

Who would have known that by the time we entered high school, you’d be back in my life and the friends I met welcomed you with open arms. Might I add my dear sister said I was so stupid to accept you with open arms once again and said “You’ll regret it for the rest of my life”. Nonetheless we had the time of our lives. We laughed, we cried, we acted crazy. It was the most fun I ever had. But then again, time wouldn’t let it last. Things went south once you found him, and mind you, I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Months passed by and gossips were all around. People didn’t like your relationship, and if I may add, their image of you drastically changed because of it. You were once the sweet, modest and honest girl to them but now? You were nothing but a coquette, a slut if worse. The first few times I heard of it, it pained me. But the fact that I knew what actually happened, and nonetheless you said it was true, made a part of me think otherwise. Just what happened to you?

Time passes by, and here comes the end of the school year. It was practically normal, until you attempted to talk to me. “If she exerts enough effort, I might give her a chance but I won’t give her an easy time” is what I thought not ’til you brought out your little “peace offering”. Sure, bribe me out if, that’ll get us back. Wrong. As much as the intentions were sincere, that one action destroyed everything. Did you really think your “gift” would help? More like it pissed us off more.

So now as I stupidly write all this, and tell myself don’t give a damn anymore, I let boredom take over me and ended up reading up on your profile. And yes, call me a stalker all you want but who the heck cares? It seemed like you don’t care about me or any of our friends anymore. The fact that we left seemed to make you happy as well. God it hurts. I know I left, I know I brought all this upon myself. I know I deserve all of this crap, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still hurts.

I once talked to my mom about all the crap happening around me but then she told me “You know what? She’s lucky to have you. You loved her way too much- to the point that she’s like family to you” and when I protested saying that I didn’t give a damn about you anymore she said “If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be this much affected. You wouldn’t even show any emotion. I see anger, sadness and pain in your eyes every time her name is brought up” and to that I didn’t have a comeback. Maybe my mom was right. Maybe I still do care, maybe not. Maybe my sister was right, maybe I shouldn’t have let you simply waltz in my life. I would’ve been happier that way. Who knows? What’s done is done. I left before you left me anyway. One thing is what I’m sure of, yes you made a part of my life full but the fact that you were about to leave me made everything a waste of my time.

I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering.
~Sidonie Gabrielle Colette





“No man is an island” is how the saying goes, why? Simply because man cannot live without his peers.

I’ve lived throughout my life thinking I don’t need a lot of friends, or be popular. I just need to have real friends and just simply be me. And I’ve found them. Friends that accept me for who I am, who can handle me at worst, who would tell me everything straight to my face. Friends that I’d treasure until the day I die.

Even so, I can’t help but feel abandoned. Slowly, but surely, something’s changing. Our bonds loosened, our backs turned to one another. Imbalance, jealousy, silence. Our emotions getting the best of us. One finds happiness, changes, and the other turns her back on her and leaves. One was once inseparable from the other, but then had misunderstandings and went their separate ways. Two kept silent for the better, but then it was brought out in the open and ’caused tears to be shed. One just felt all the pain.

One has other people she cares for, the other has the happiness she shares with her lover, the other two has each other. I’m left all alone.

“I am not needed”, “I don’t exist”, “They can be happy without me”. Such thoughts clog my mind with hate and anxiety. Just what am I supposed to do? I can’t be honest anymore. Should I just keep myself in the dark and feel all this pain? Or should I make the first move?

“And what if—what are you if the people who are supposed to love you can leave you like you’re nothing?”
― Elizabeth Scott, The Unwritten Rule




You know what? I’ve had it.

The times have changed… a lot. In the past, I’d tell you things straight in your face but I don’t think I can do that now.

A few months back, a classmate of mine (let’s call him Piano) told me he liked one of my friends. Of course I slightly freaked out and demanded who it was. So after going through hellish math equations to get the answer, it was apparently Kitty. As per usual, we’d talk about her but I’d only give general information such as her birthday and whatnot. Two weeks after all this, Piano confessed to Kitty. Yep, you read it right. He confessed after TWO FREAKING WEEKS of liking her.

I always thought his “like” was too shallow. I mean, who in their right mind would confess after two weeks of liking someone?! Oh right, Piano would 😐 Moving on, after the confession, I was like “Okay so he confessed. Nothing’s going to happen anyway”. After about two or three weeks of the confession, I did NOT expect to hear some news. APPARENTLY, Kitty also likes Piano. Yep, just great. Oh and guess what? I WAS THE LAST ONE TO FIND OUT AND THEY FREAKING CLAIMED THEY FORGOT TO TELL ME. After hearing that I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs “HELLO I EXIST” or have it plastered everywhere. But  whatever, Kitty said she wouldn’t get a boyfriend because she made a promise with her family and she isn’t the type to break promises. I think.

So a few weeks passed by, Piano and Kitty were under the “more than friends but less than lovers” category also known as the “mutual understanding” category made for people who can’t become lovers but fundamentally are. Everything was fine… until they started to be all touchy-feely 😐 Well not the erotic one but rather the “public display of affection” type. I mean they sit next to each other in class, since it was already fixed months ago. So when I say “P.D.A” it’s like they flirt EVERY FREAKING DAY. God I just want to cuss so badly. Or rather Piano does the flirting and Kitty does the receiving (really?). What more? I’M SEATED JUST BEHIND THEM. I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, JUST SO YOU KNOW. 

So the flirting involves: him randomly getting her stuff and not returning it, him putting his face close, him grabbing her arm when she wants to move into a new seat, him doing whatever! GOSH I JUST WANT TO… GAAAAAH! I want my everyday peace back! :((( We, yes we since I’m not the only one among our friends who are against this, tried to tell them to lay low. It worked for the first week, but the week after everything just returned to the way it was. And so we tried again…. and again….. and again……. AND AGAIN. NOTHING’S HAPPENING. I even had to go to the point where I didn’t even talk to Kitty!

We’ve tried so many ways to get them to lay low because people started to talk BUT NOOOOO, Piano just had to play the “we have our own life” card. Okay so he has a point, BUT I am a concerned citizen! I am not comfortable seeing what they do every freaking day and it hinders my concentration for studying. HA! TAKE THAT! WHAT MORE? Piano claimed I was a liar! I’m not sure if it’s true since someone just told me, but if it is, I HAVE EVIDENCE OF WHAT YOU DO EVERYDAY. SO DON’T YOU DARE SAY I’M NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.

I don’t care if either of them is reading this but I really needed to blow off some steam. It’s been going on for months now! I know I seem like a bad friend, being against their relationship and all, but I’ve tried and successfully stayed quiet. I’ve been nice for too long and we spoil Kitty too much. This might just be me being bitter about my sad love life and whatnot. Or I can be the overprotective friend, but who cares? Even if I wasn’t bitter or overprotective, people around me say things and I’m concerned about it. So whatever happens, happens. I give up trying to tell them off but that doesn’t mean I can stop being annoyed, irritated and whatnot.

This isn’t even half of what I wanted to say but I need to control myself so I’ll be leaving it at that.

P.S. Kitty and Piano, if you are reading this, I don’t give a damn anymore. So just shut up and move on with life. BUT I won’t guarantee anything.

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”
~Marilyn vos Savant

give up



You deserve better

People tend to compliment me with my wise choice of words. They, if not always, most of the time tell me that I can express myself very clearly. That I’m so intuitive that I can give an answer with any logical question albeit almost turning it into a speech. Of course I wasn’t like this from the very beginning. I used to mumble, to trip on my own words and make so many insensible remarks.

Today, I thought I had the confidence with my words. That I could give you a clear answer but despite being labeled as someone who was good with her words, I felt like I started from the very beginning when I faced you. I kept repeating over and over again everything I’ve told you. I kept trying to find the right words but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. I felt like I’ve betrayed myself.

I wanted to tell you more. I wanted so much to tell you more. I told myself “if I can’t pull it off the way I usually do, I’ll write”. As much as I thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea to place it here, I just had to. There’s this connection between me and this, and for some reason, I can say everything that’s on my mind here and that’s what I’m aiming for. To tell you everything that’s on my mind, even if it’s embarrassing. So for now, I’m sorry.

I remember everything. From the very first thing we’ve talked about, all the way to the last. All the laughs, the teasing, the text messages, the messages on Facebook, the calls both on the phone and on Skype, the night you went out of your way just to see me even if it’s just for a few seconds. I remember it all.

In those first few conversations we had, I always thought you just started talking to me because you were intrigued. Intrigued with the fact that I like Swiss and that you’d like to know more about it. I never thought we’d have this great of a relationship, heck I even know everything about your previous love life and attempted to help (despite failing). As time passes by, everyday seemed incomplete without receiving a text or having a chat with you. That the day seemed empty without our silly conversations. You were one of my sources of happiness.

Then that fateful day arrived, October 17th. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that you’d feel something for me. I’ve already told you this, but hearing it for the first time made me feel completely guilty. Guilty because we started our chat the usual way- about Swiss. You were one of the people who knows how much I care for him and as far as I remember, there wouldn’t be any day in our usual chats that his name wouldn’t come up. There would always be a “did Swiss say something about me today?” or a “Swiss looks so handsome” that would randomly pop out in our conversations and that was because you were so close to him that I’d tend to say these things. Although despite being guilty, I also felt happy and confused. Happy because I realized, there was also someone out there who’d learn to love me as I am and confused because I always thought what was so great about a plain girl like me?

When I asked you the question “why me?” you simply answered “just because it’s you”. I told you I wasn’t pretty, you answered “then let me be the first to say this: you’re beautiful”. I insulted myself more and more, but you just kept countering them. You were a person who appreciated me just because I was me. Ironically enough, you put yourself down. You insulted and pitied yourself. Telling me that I don’t need to give you an answer because you already knew, and yet I answered back “let me think”. I thought of nothing but the events of what happened before going to bed and thought of an answer, the one week trial.

Thinking back, it wasn’t fair for you. It felt like I was only using you to forget Swiss, but that wasn’t my intention at all. I wanted to give you an answer from what I’ve felt and not a rash answer that wasn’t given much thought. Despite whatever I tried, I just couldn’t forget him. I’m sorry. I love you, but the “love” I have for you isn’t the same as your “love”. I guess you could call me an idiot- or better yet a masochist- because no matter how much he hurts me even if without knowing it- I will still love him. I feel so stupid for hurting you. For giving you false hope. You deserve way more than what you give yourself credit for.

Your nice and sweet. You see the good in people. You sincerely care for them to the point that you tried stopping me from hurting myself. You’ve seen me both at my best and at my worst. You even saw just how much of a brat I was as a child, but you still loved me. I feel so lucky to know that you care about me so much. Thank you.

Thank you for taking care of me. For being there for me. For always cheering me up. For making my day happy. For seeing the good in me. For cherishing me. Thank you. Most of all, thank you for loving me as I am. One day you will find that special girl. The girl who would cherish and sincerely love you. The girl who will hug you at any given chance. The girl who will stand on her toes just to kiss you. The girl you will someday marry. She just wasn’t me, but she’s out there waiting for you to find her. So go live life to the fullest and find that special girl and let me meet her soon. Just be yourself and smile. I will always be there for you.

P.S. You’re free to read what’s in my blog.

Yet again, I’m sorry for not being that girl you hoped for, but Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

“The fact that you have failed to get the lesser proves conclusively that you deserve the greater.” 

― Christian D. Larson





Towa no Kizuna (Everlasting Bond)

Today, I spent the weekend the usual way I do: watch anime, read manga and fanfiction. So while I was watching a certain anime called Ore to Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, or just simply Oreshura, there was a certain scene that caught my interest. It was a fight between two childhood friends. Apparently, the girl named Chiwa loved her childhood friend Eita since they were young, but Eita was too thickheaded to even realize her feelings. A line he mentioned reminded me so much about Koi.


Just like Eita and Chiwa, I’ve been together with Koi since first grade and up until now, nothing’s change about the situation between the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, unlike Chiwa, I don’t see Koi as a romantic interest but seeing these two characters fight made me miss him so much. I know I’m at fault but as much as it hurts, I’ll still go through this for him to realize that we’re not kids anymore. That there’s still a difference between him and I.

I’m saying all this but I’m almost breaking. I’m pathetic, aren’t I? I’m too afraid of the outcome. Afraid that he’d grow tired, give up and leave me. Well he does deserve a better friend than someone like me. Me, a hot-tempered, idiotic brat. Despite what’s happening and whatever outcome I’ll get, I’ll always believe that we’ll have an everlasting bond.

For that, I dedicate the lyrics of one of my favorite openings from the anime Fairy Tail called Towa no Kizuna or Everlasting Bond in English by DaisyxDaisy feat. Another Infinity to him.

link: Towa no Kizuna (Everlasting Bond)

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
Yasashisa wo kimi wa kuretakara
“Tsuyosa” ni kizuketanda Arigatou

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
Because you have given me gentleness,
I have become aware of what “strength” is. Thank you.

Kanchigai shita kiyousa hokotte
Yasashisa shiranu Marude ookami sa

I used to boast my falsely perceived greatness.
Knowing not the meaning of gentleness, I was almost like a wolf.

Kimi ga ude wo tsukande kureta hi ga
Ikiru imi wo eta shunkan datta

The day you took hold of my arms was
the moment when I obtained the meaning of my life.

Utagau sentakushi nai Nakama ga
Koko ni iru kara

I now have a dear friend here,
and I have no right to doubt that.

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
Kibishisa no kimi wa kureta kara
“Yasashisa” no touto sa shitta

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
Because you have given me austerity,
I have learned the precious value of “gentleness”.

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
Yasashisa wo kimi wa kuretakara
“Tsuyosa” ni kizuketanda Arigatou

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
Because you have given me gentleness,
I have become aware of what “strength” is. Thank you.

Ima agakitai Hon no sae koe
Kubi wa chigiritte Mirai wo hashirou

Now I want to try harder and overtake my instinct.
I’ll shred my collar into countless pieces and dash through my future.

Butsukari ai Namida nagasu kazu wa
Nani mono ni mo Kaerarenu shinrai

The amount of tears we shed after bumping against each other
is the mutual trust between us that cannot be altered by anything.

Genkai shirazu no kimi ga Yuuki wo
Sazukete kureta

You, not knowing the meaning of limit,
have bestowed upon me courage.

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
Kibishisa no kimi wa kureta kara
“Yasashisa” no touto sa shitta

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
Because you have given me austerity,
I have learned the precious value of “gentleness”.

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
Yurushi au koto no taisetsu sa
Manabi tsuzuketainda kore kara mo

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
From now on, too, I wish to continue learning
the importance of mutual forgiveness.

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
“Kudaranai” nante iwa senai
Mamori nuku senaka shinjite

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
I won’t ever make you say “How boring!”
Please believe in me, as I will protect you to the end.

Kimi ga kureta towa no KIZUNA wo
Omoide ni nante dekiru WAKE nai
Shinjiteru Akashi kureta kara
KIZUNA ni tayoreru nda Arigatou

There’s no way for me to make into a piece of my recollections
the everlasting bond you have given me.
Because you have given me a proof that I firmly believe in,
I am able to rely on our bond. Thank you.


Thank you…

(credits for the English translation goes to http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/fairytail/towanokizuna.htm)