Fairy Tail’s new opening

April 5, what’s the best thing about this day? It’s simple! Fairy Tail‘s television anime returns! You would probably say something along the lines of “who cares?” or “what about it?” but to me and my fellow otakus, it’s one of the best things we could ever ask for. After it’s one year hiatus, Fairy Tail is now back in action!

Currently, the story continues of where the previous season and ended, basically the Grand Magic Games arc. Right now my happiness is at its peak so I’ll post something as soon as I can 😉 See ya guys!

Enjoy some screencaps ’til then 😀

And as usual, Gray and Natsu fights like there’s no tomorrow

Who else is there to tell them off?

Wendy creating a magical rune

Wendy performing the spell


I never get tired of their reactions :))