Learn more about me

I’m simple person who leads a simple life. I’m someone who writes for the reason of sharing her experiences in life in hopes for it to serve as an example to others. I have a thing for keeping this mysterious but at the same time not-so-mysterious persona but who knows? I might end up showing myself sometime in the future. 😀

Enjoys reading, writing and painting. Loves the outdoors and would do anything to play under the sun. Deeply in love with sweets and a major fan of anime.

I usually use Sakura as my pen name, well besides the fact I love anime, you could say the flower itself is something I really like but if you ask me to add a last name I’d say Kuromine. And yes, it’s a name I got from a character I really like. Thus Sakura Kuromine 🙂

I just do what I want to do and walk at my own pace not ever letting anyone hinder me from doing what I love and create my own path.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
~George Bernard Shaw

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